July 3, 2017

Hola familia y amigos, wow first shout out to USA for her birthday, they dont seem to celebrate that down here so thats a bummer, but we had really good week down here in Bolivia, This week we put a ton of baptism dates for people so that was pretty awesome, we have 8 baptism dates this month, so we are praying a ton for them right now haha. The weather is perfect here right now so thats a blessing, a little cold in the morning but perfect in the afternoon. We always have a ton of miracles in the week. One miracle was Friday we had a lesson at 5 pm and it was about 4 pm and we were close to our house and i had to go to the bathroom really bad so i went to the bathroom and then we got on the bus to go to our lesson and this lady starting talking to us telling us how she was a meno active member and wants to return to the church and her husband isnt a member and they both want to come to church and so we got their information and everything so its just pretty cool to see how God puts things in our path, me going to the bathroom was part of Gods plan so we could find this lady haha. Thats about it this week, if you are reading this you should shoot me an email 

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