July 31, 2017

Hola familia y amigos. This week was pretty good, but I dont have much to say honestly haha. Im just getting to know the area, the investigators, and the members right now. We put 3 new people on baptism dates this week so we are working with them right now. Umm... really dont have much else to say lol. My companion and I are are doing good. He only has 5 weeks left in his mission so im hoping he leaves me a bunch of cool stuff haha. Shout out to Brendon for becoming his new mission secretary. Yeah thats about it fam. Just out here preaching and teaching the doctrine of salvation every day, what could be better?? As i said last week im living in a house that is bigger than my house in Gilbert, so heres some pictures. Theres a coconut tree in the back too

July 24, 2017

Wow well hello family. So we had transfers today They inform saturday in the night and then we leave monday in the morning. I was in my first area for 4 transfer which is about 6 months. So they called us and my new area is called South Garden. Its still in Santa Cruz and only like 30 minutes away from my other area and like 45 minutes away from the city center. I dont know what the area is like yet cause i havent seen anything but wow the house we live in is 2 stories and its freaking nice haha. It has a couch and a huge kitchen and a washing machine which is almost unbelieveable. I live in the nicest house in all of the mission right now haha. My new companion is Elder Owen. Hes from Arkansas and this is his last transfer in the mission so Im going to kill him. So it was bittersweet to leave the people i had taught and the ward but Im stoked for another experience. Well Ill send more pictures the next week. 

July 17, 2017

Another good week down here in the dirty streets of Bolivia. First we had a baptism of an investigator named emma! All of her family are members but alot are menus acvtive. About a month or 2 ago they started to return to the church and we learned that their youngest daughter hadnt been baptized! So we have been working for about 4 or 5 weeks with her and we baptized her saturday! I ended up doing the baptism so that was a pretty cool experience! Besides that today is freaking freezing and windy. Eveyrythings going good down here! 
 The baptism with the ward and her family

a random place in our area where people dont live because there are pumas

July 10, 2017

Well as of this week i feel like im understanding everything is spanish and i can say almost everything i want, so the gift of tongues is real haha. For the 4th of July i said the pledge of allegiance and sang to myself so that was pretty awesome. On Thursday this week i lost my voice and literally coudlnt speak so i literally just sat in the lessons all day and listened to my companion teach, I felt pretty worthless that day so ive gained a testimony of our ability to speak haha. So then Friday we walking to an aoppointment and this guy pulled up to us in his car and said he is investigating a lot of churches right now so we gave him a pamphlet and so we are just waiting for his call now, cause i know he is going to find the truth he is searching for! We had luch with a member Sunday
 and he talked to us for about 30 minutes when he used to fight roosters for a living so that was pretty crazy haha. Well thats about it fam. We are working really hard with our investigators with baptism dates right now, lots of prayers haha. Well love and miss you all!
 I found this Dr Pepper for a dollar so that was one of the miracles of week haha

July 3, 2017

Hola familia y amigos, wow first shout out to USA for her birthday, they dont seem to celebrate that down here so thats a bummer, but we had really good week down here in Bolivia, This week we put a ton of baptism dates for people so that was pretty awesome, we have 8 baptism dates this month, so we are praying a ton for them right now haha. The weather is perfect here right now so thats a blessing, a little cold in the morning but perfect in the afternoon. We always have a ton of miracles in the week. One miracle was Friday we had a lesson at 5 pm and it was about 4 pm and we were close to our house and i had to go to the bathroom really bad so i went to the bathroom and then we got on the bus to go to our lesson and this lady starting talking to us telling us how she was a meno active member and wants to return to the church and her husband isnt a member and they both want to come to church and so we got their information and everything so its just pretty cool to see how God puts things in our path, me going to the bathroom was part of Gods plan so we could find this lady haha. Thats about it this week, if you are reading this you should shoot me an email