July 16, 2018

Hey fam hows it going?? We had a pretty good week out here in the jungle. So this place is literally infested with mosquitos haha, they are really small, but they leave hugggge red swelled mark. So i look like a walking tomato right now haha. Well this week we honestly had a ton of really good lessons. So in this little city, about half the people are members, and the other half are former investigators, so the good thing is that there are a ton of part member families, and the bad thing is that they´ve already talked to the elders before haha. But we´ve been seeing the good progress with our investigators lately, so we should see some results from them soon! This week we did a pretty dope district activity. So yesterday, Sunday was the world cup and so saturday as a district we went to one of the big center plaza in the city. We all put on soccer jerseys and we put up a little goal, and people could try to score a goal and if they scored they got a brownie and then we would just start talking to them and then contact them, and we were able to talk to a few hundred people so it was dope. Well thats about it fam, keep yall updated next week alittle more!
Pictures: Monkey that acts kind then steals all your stuff haha, he stole my plaque thats why its not on my in the picture haha
The mundial activity we did as a district 

July 9, 2018

Hey fam realllllly hope your 4th of July was better than mine. We had a really good week. We were able to find alot of people, put alot of baptism dates, and have a ton of investigators in the church. So we have a ton of people that are progressing really well, they just gotta take one more step and they will be able to get baptized, so we´ve been fasting and praying pretty hard to reach our goals we´ve put. So in this little city theres only 8 elders and 1 district leader, and the DL was the old assistent so its pretty cool to get weekly training from him. It rained alll week so that means straight mud everywhere, Don´t got much to update honestly, we are working with a lot of people to get ready for baptism the 21st of this month, so next week we will know if they will be ready! But Im really just enjoying everything about the mission now, On the mission ive learned that complaining does honestly nothing. We can´t change the past but we do shape the future. Well miss and love you all!!
Picture; The other side of the river is Argentina, to the left you will see 2 people illegally crossing the river haha

July 2, 2018

So we had a pretty good week. So first of all alittle more about the city im in. Bermejo its a tiny little city right on the border of Bolivia and Argentina, theres this huge river that is the border, so if you cross the river youll be in argentina. Here almost everyone uses argentina money too. Aparrently theres a bunch of traficking too so you have to be careful. But this little city is literally surrounded by jungle. Its pretty dope, theres some parts we would have to machetes to go to. So this week our investigator Andres got baptized! He is this 76 year old man who is seriously the best, he used to be a preacher at some pentecostal church, but the elders found him, taught him and he was finally able to receive his answer, go to church, and this week get baptized. Hes awesome honestly haha. He had a date for this saturday and we went tuesday but said he wanted more time, but we were able to follow the spirit share the scripture in Acts 8 about, that man who gets baptized the same day as hearing about the gospel, and he got excited and got baptized this saturday. So that was the highlight. We found a ton of part member families this week too, so we´ll be working with them too. They have a randomly super nice basketball court here, so today we got to ball up it was pretty awesome. 
Photos: A tucan fell out of a tree at the house of a member, pretty sure they made soup out of it haha, baptism of Andres

June 25, 2018

Welp fam that was about the fastest transfer of my mission, so crazy how fast the time is flying. So we got our transfers and Im going to Bermejo! Its this littly tiny city on the edge of Argentina and Bolivia. There is this huggge river by our house and the other side is Argentina its pretty cool. So from where i was, we had to drive 3 hours through the middle of the jungle literally, like i was certain we were gonna see some lions, this is what i imagined Bolivia like haha. The population is about 30,000 and its like the 10 biggest city in the country lol. Its straight surrounded by jungle. There are 8 missionaries that work in the city, so it should be a good time. I finally got taken out as district leader after 4 transfers, so ill get to rest a little now, in way of district numbers, Im still gonna be working hard tho haha. My new comp is Elder Peralta de Ecuador. Hes only my 2 latino companion in the mission, so I have to talk spanish all the time now, what a bummer, english is such a dope lanugage haha. But im stoked to be able to work in this new area, with my new comp, gonna miss my old area, i was only there for 2 transfers, but theres a reason im here, something i gotta learn! Well love and miss you all, ill update yall next week once i get to know the area! 

June 18, 2018

Well bit of a rough week in the area honestly haha. We couldnt find like any of our progressing investigators this week also Marcelo moved to a different city suddenly haha so he said he might move back in a few months, so another missionary will have a free baptism haha. Yeah so thats one of the cool things i learned in the mission is that there are always gonna be good days and bad days, maybe weeks sometimes haha but as the saying goes ¨The grass is greener on the other side¨ Thats one of the purposes of the gospel is to help us through our trials, not take them away, but to strengthen us in the midst of them!! Well hope all is well with you guys, love you all and I pray for you all everyday!!

June 11, 2018

Wouldnt be the mission without ups and downs right?? haha. So Marcelo didnt go to church this sunday so we are gonna have to push his baptism date back a week. So this saturday we were contacting and we talked to this 16 year old, Elvio, outside his house we just sat down on some bricks and taught him and we were explaining baptism and he accepted a date for the 23 of june but it was pretty funny because after we had invited him he said ¨what do I have to bring to my baptism and what do you guys want me to wear? also i have a friend that i want to get baptized too¨ It was pretty cool but pretty funny too haha. So Elvio and his friend went to church yesterday so that was a cool miracle we saw this week. We´ve finally been improving with church asistence so thats another miracle we´ve been seeing. But everything is going pretty good, learning a tonnnn everday. Love you all!!
Picture: A PDay activity we did, it was super pretty

June 4, 2018

So alot of our investigadores that had baptism dates have stopped progressing basically so we will probably be dropping a good few this week, maybe it will help them in the long run tho! So this saturday there wont be any baptisms, but the next saturday we have a date for a teenager called Marcelo. He is supppper dope. He is a referrel from a member, hes 18 years old, so we taught him like a month ago, and havent found him since, but this week we went, found him, and he had read all the way to 1 nefi 9 and prayed to ask god if it was true and he tried to describe his feelings of happiness and peace, it was a pretty cool lesson. He also came to church yesterday, so he should be getting baptized this next week if all goes good! Well thats the big news of this week, we found some good investigators this week, so we are hoping to see some more progress in the ├írea soon!  So recently it has been suppppper cold here. It  gets to like 40 degrees at night, but its humid and super windy so it feels like a lott more. So ive been wearing like atleast 3 jackets everynight cause im a born and raised Arizona boy haha. Love and miss you all!!