February 5, 2018

So this week we did a tonnnn contacting without much results haha. But they people we did find are super awesome. So this week we passed by Family Vallejos who we have been visiting for about 2 months now and they told about some of the feelings that had been feeling when they have gone to church and when we have passed by their house. But they wanted a little more time to prepared for their bautism and so they have a date for the 24 now. I have no doubt they will get baptized that day. So wow we went to go contact in a new part of our area and man they are super hard catholics. He made me a little mad and well we left from him a pretty heated. We pulled out scriptures because he was talking about how we are sexists for not worshipping mary, it was actually pretty funny to hear that lol. But yeah we did an iron rod activity in the church this thursday and we bascially planned everything and it was pretty stressful but it turned out well. So in our branch about 50 attend. But 2 families have recently left and 2 more families are leaving soon, so our attendance is dropping supper fast, but the members we have hear are super awesome so its all good. Well this next weekend is carnival, so that means everyone is gonna get drunk for 3 days straight and we have to stay inside for those 3 days,sunday, monday and tuesday basically just studying and eating. Well thats about it fam, so every week is getting faster and faster, its soo crazy, i been realizing how little time i have left to be a full time missionary, So man I gotta alot of stuff to do still haha. Well love and miss you all!!

January 29, 2018

Well, it was a pretty normal week here. It rained at tonnnnn, basically destoyed my shoes walking in so much mud. But we were able to find some really good people this week just knocking doors. We are working with the Family Vallegos who has a baptism date in 2 weeks. They are super awesome, and going to church, but they havent recieved a testimony of the Book of Mormon so thats what we are working on right now, and finish up teaching all the commandments. And well we are working with a ton of other people too, they are just progressing a lot slower, but there is teenager, Christian, who was a date for 3 weeks that is progresing pretty well, so Ill keep yall updated on him. We went to the center today to buy some stuff and a bunch of people were trying to rob and pickpocket us it was pretty funny. Some old lady started screaming at us to leave Bolivia because, well i dont know why but it was funny haha. Well thats about it, just feeling stressed out for my district. Miss and love you all!

January 22, 2018

So this week we had the visit of Elder Falabella from the 70. So it was pretty sweet to get to just talk and learn from his. He talked about how we are set apart to be Full Time Missionaries not part time and how we need to repent for not talking every single person about the Restored Gospel. So he wanted us to commit ourselves to also be looking for opportunities to teach and testify of the Gospel, it was a cool conference. So it was a super cool Sunday cause we were able to get 9 investigadores to the church. Family Vallegos came again, they are the family of 5 that has a date for the 10 of Febrero. They`ve liked the church alot, and they`ve made some friends in the church, now we just have to help them obtain a testimony to arrive to their goal! They are super great and Always have a ton of questions. So thats about this week. Its been raining a ton here, its super green and pretty. My comp and I get along really well too, so everything is going prettty good! Just a little stress with my district haha. Miss and love you all! Photos: We went to a super dope place with some members, like an hour driving through straight jungle 

January 15, 2018

Well I dont remember if I already said this but my new companion is Elder Larsen from Idaho, we get along well! He loves signing haha. So this transfer more than half of our zone was changed and almost all new leadership and the new zone leaders wanted to help raise the zone up and raise the numbers here in Tarija because they have been superrr low lately so we decided to do another fast as a zone this weekend and wow honestly it was super awesome. The first part of the fast Saturday was tough, no one wanted to receive us so I was alittle discouraged but I still had some hope and by 7:30 p.m.nothing had happened saturday, no appointments nothing, so man i started praying super hard to see a miracle or something to raise our spirits and so at 8pm we knocked the door of some recent investigators they received us and we were able to testify of the Restoration and baptism, and 4 of them acepted a baptism date for the 10 of February. So that was a super cool miracle we saw this week and they came to church sundayy! The branch was super excited too cause that was the first family of investigators that had attended the church in almost 2 years. They are called family Vallegos. So we are pretty excited to help them reach that goal. Sometimes the Lord waits for us to put in alll we have and then once we have done everything we can, that is when he carrys us the rest of way. Well this might be the longest letter ive ever written haha, Well thats about it, Love you all! Write me por fa

January 8, 2018

Well fam sorry about not writing last week my account wasn`t working. So I had been with my companion, Elder Boggess, for 1 transfer, and we were both supper sure that he was gonna stay, but then we got a surprise call from our mission president and he told us that my comp is leaving and Im staying and.. he`s making me district leader, so pretty nervous about that, i guess there might be something i need to learn haha. Im nervous but I think it should be pretty cool too, to be able to see how stressful it is to be a leader in the mission lol. But my new comp is Elder Larsen from Idaho, I havent met him yet, but they gave me another freaking gringo! I have had so many gringo comps its crazy haha. So my email account has been kind of weird and dumb for these past few weeks. So if i haven`t email you back its because my email wasn`t working. So if you send me an email i`ll for sure respond this time! Email me :) My area over here is going alright, We have a ton of super good people, and some of them are going to church, but we havent been able to put any baptism dates, but there are a ton of super good and prepared people in this area!

December 18, 2017

Well fam still cant believe Christmas is a week away... pretty wack. But super excited to be able to call my family. Well in my other area we had been working with a teenager of 18 anos and my ex comp just told me he got baptized, so that was a super awesome email to get. In our area here has been a little weird. Some of our really good investigators that we had we havent been able to get in contact with them this whole week so hopefully this week thats coming we have some good news about them! So this week was full of getting chased by a drunk car in his car, being asked to cut the fingernails of babies, appointments falling, and getting lectured by drunk people how we dont follow Jesus. Some pretty funny experiences honestly haha. Alma 26:¨Now when our hearts were depressed we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites (Bolivianos) and bear with patience thy afflictions, and I will give unto you success.¨
 I love that scipture because when we feel like we have done everything in our power to, for example, preach the gospel, The Lord will carry us even farther! Well love and miss you all fam! Write me as a Christmas present!

December 25, 2017

Well fam first have a merry chistmas! A pretty boring Christmas here, but I had some presents from home to open so that made it better haha. Well honestly do´t got much to say except that it rained a ton and a lot of appointments fell through. But we got a ton of referrals from members this week, so those should be some promising investigators. But everythings going good, I completed a year in the mission so thats about the wildest thing that happened haha. Well miss and love you fam! Hope everyone can think a little more about the true purpose of christmas, the reason for the season our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
Pictures: 1,2-view from the top of the church building, 3-christmas eve with some members, 4- christmas morning haha