May 21, 2018

Whats up everyone, hope yall are doing good in whatever you are doing, dont really know what anything is doing tho haha. But everything chill this week. We had our stake conference this sunday and we had a 70 speak to us it was pretty cool. He talked about what the Lord needs and expects of us, and to ask ourselves more how can we helped bring others to christ. It was a super awesome conference, super spirtual. So our investigators that were supposed to get baptized this saturday, michael and joel, couldnt go to the conference so we are going to have to wait another week for them to be able to baptized. So we fasted this week and one of the miracles we had was that alexis, one of our investigators that is super awesome was finally able to come to church for the first time. So ill update yall next week alittle more on our other progressing investigators haha. But everything is going really good out here, or way over here. Loving  being in the work of the Lord, nothing else satisfying than testifying of the restored gospel every day! Love and miss you all!

May 14, 2018

So first all, got to call home for mothers day so that was pretty awesome to see everyones faces and hear their voices. That was my last time calling home so the next time I see my fam it willl be iin person haha. Yeah so we had transfers and my comp, Elder Allred, left to a different city. So my new comp is Elder Martinez. So he´s from Mesa, AZ haha he went to Mesa High School small world. He´s pretty chill and is only in his 4 transfer so pretty new, but Im stoked to work with him, also to be able to talk about Arizona things. Also Im staying as district leader so thats alright I guess haha. So this week we had our multizone conference with our mission president. He talked about how we can improve working with members and how to be more efficient as missionaries so that was pretty cool. Then we interviews too which is like a spirtual buffet, so those like 5-10 minutes were super awesome to see how i can improve as a missionary. So Ana and Renan went to church yesterday. Ana has been an investigator from almost about 2 months and we were about to drop her because she had never been to church, she has been reading the BoM and praying but still hasnt received her answer  but shes super close. Renan we have only had 2 lessons but he has a date for 2 of June. He also came to church this Sunday and has been reading and praying too, so those 2 investigators are the ones that are progressing the most. We have a ton of other ones that are also progressing but as they start progressing more ill talk more about them. So this Saturday we knocked a door and this 20 year old kid came out and he let us come in to share a message, and he started asking questions like how are you sure there is a God and how do you know and he was saying he has been searching for God but he hasnt ever felt that he existed so he stop searching. So we were able to testify to him and give him a BoM. We shared Alma 30: 44 with him and invited him to read the BoM and pray so that was a cool experience also an experience that helped strengthen my testimony that God does exist. Well everything is all good out here. Just grindin away in the work of God haha, love you all!

May 7, 2018

Hey fam whats up, don´t worry about me ill still alive out here allllll the way in Bolivia. So this week my comp got like suppper duper sick with diarrhea and throw up so we didnt even leave sunday, just to church, So we had a little rest haha, but he´s all better now. So this week a young couple that we have been teaching recently both recieved their answers about the Book of Mormon so now we jsut have to help them get married haha. So my zone leader is my dad, which means he trained me when i started the mission, so we did exchanges this week which was super dope to  see how much we have both changed and matured haha. But a pretty good week overall, we get to call home this sunday so that should be pretty dope, but thats about it love you fam! 
Pictures: cool part in our area, our zone, my district, and my new guitar!!

April 30, 2018

Hello fam and friends so all good down here in good ol Bolivia. Just covered in dirt but we good. So this week was pretty chill. We found some pretty good investigators this week and many of them are reading the BoM and praying to know if its true so as long  as they ¨ ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. ¨ Moroni 10:4. So I hope we will be seeing the fruits of our work soon! But Im doing good, learning everyday, from mission leaders, my comp, investigators, and members. The mission truly is an amazing experiece. Well fam wouldnt mind to hear how yall are doing so go on and shoot me an email!!

April 23, 2018

Yeah so this week was a little tough becasue we lost our phone and so we couldnt really get ahold of like any of our investigators this week and so 6 of our dates that investigators had fell because they didnt come to church. That continues to be our biggest problem here is geting the investigators to understand the doctrine of the sabbath day and to come to church so that will be a focus of us this week. So also in general its been rough recently but man we have seen a ton of miracles. We knocked this door and this lady like 25 years old came out and we started to contact her and then Holy Ghost, as clear as daylight, put in my mind that i need to ask why she thought there were so many churchs today. She then proceded to say she had been wondering that a ton and no one has been able to answer her question, so we briefly explained the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave her a BoM and it was just a cool experience seeing the Holy Ghost guiding us in the work. So that was one of the many miracles we see this week. So alot of our progressing investigators have stopped rpogressing so right now we are in the process of finding new people that are prepared. There a tonnnnn of people that want to get baptized but they dont want to put in the preparation so we will probably be dropping a ton of people soon, but the good thing is there a tonn of people that are ready to put in practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. Well love and miss you all fam!

April 16, 2018

Yeah well family a pretty normal week over here. We´ve been finding some really good people this week and we`ve been able to put a ton of baptism dates recently so we should be seeing some fruits of our work soon. One thing we`ve been trying to improve on alot is inviting the people to be baptized in the first lesson and its pretty cool to see that mostly everyone wants to be baptized how Jesus Christ was baptized, the hard thing is preparing them so they are ready haha. So I`ve been thinking about the importance the mission is having on me and Ive been reading parts of my journal in the Mtc and first part of my mission and its honestly insane to see how much ive changed and madured obviously Im still little old tate but man the mission has helped me develop so many attributes of Christ and the cool thing i still have a ton of time left!! well not too much but a good amount haha. But Im just super happy being in the mission couldnt imagine being anywhere else honestly. Love and miss you all until the next!!!

April 9, 2018

Well fam pretty chill week not too much to report. I got to know the area pretty, my comp and well pretty much everything. Man the street food is really freaking good in this area so pray for me that i wont die haha. So yeah in our area we have a ton of super good people ready to get baptized but everyones challenge here is coming to church, its even really close. We passed by all of our investigators sunday before church and they were all sleeping so we are gonna have to hide alarm clocks in their rooms sunday i think. But the one kid that came to church is Mauricio. Hes 19 and has a date for the 5th of May. Honestly he was hungover when he came to church because when we went to pick him he told us how he wants to change and well he came to church so thats him showing that he wants to change. So ill keep yall updated on him. Uhh so we have also been teaching this 15 year old called Michael thats super dope too. Hes super mature and we met his mom this week and she was telling us how she wants to get baptized too and her son soo they are progressing pretty well too. Well all is going good, my comp for only having 7 months speaks pretty spanish so thats cool, well id love to hear how yall are doing too! haha chau to all!
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