September 25, 2017

Hola fam! Well a fairly good week out here. First off shout out to Noah Suarez fro being baptized this weekend, what a stud. Also suppper stoked for conference this weekend, conference is literally like straight gold now. We can receive so much personal revelation and answers when we listen to prophets and apostles, they are so inspired and so yeah just super excited haha, also for the all gringos missionaries they let us watch it in engish at the stake center so yeah even more dope. So this week we had appoinments planned every hour from 3pm to 8pm and we would go to the appoinments and they wouldnt be there so in total we had about 30 appoinments flake on us this week lol, it was super dissapointing in those moments but then we would knock on a door nearby and do some contacting and almost everytime they would let us in, so the Lord wanted us to be there for a reason and maybe most of the time it wasnt for the appointment we had planned. So this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Uber who has19 years old. Weve been teaching him for about a month now and we had a lesson this Tuesday and he told hes been reading and praying and hes received an answer and knows that the Book of Mormon is true! So that is one of the best things a missionary can hear but then came his challenge, all of his family is catholic and they go every Sunday to church, he told us he doesnt know what to do so we urged him to continue reading and pray for the strength to now act on his answer! So hopefully some good news about that next week! So yeah a pretty good week, just out here walking 15 miles a day destroying my shoes haha, but gotta love it. Well fam thats about it, miss and love you all!!

September 18, 2017

Hola fam! tudo bem out here in bolivia. So still adjusting to like of a trainer and almost doing all of the talking, in spanish mind you, but its going really good, Elder Beazer is learning a ton and progressing so all good there. Our area had been a little dead recently or there havent been a ton of investigators progressing but this week we prayed alot to be able to find people that were prepared and a little story is that yesterday we were walking to an appointment at like 8 and it was pretty dark where we were walking not a ton of houses or light and so we were walking kind of fast and we passed this house with 2 teenagers playing soccer and I felt like i should talk with them but I kind of shrugged it off because we were late and it was dark so we just passed by them and then we got to our appoinment and they werent there so then we had to walk down this dark road again and i felt again like i should talk with them but it was even later and thought they wouldnt want to listen so we passed by them again and as we passed by them i felt super strongly to talk with him so this time i finally listened to the spirit and even though it was really late and really dark and they let us share a lesson with them and they invited their other brothers and everything and we found 4 news investigators. They are super awesome and prepared, This feeling that came to me was from the spirit telling me to talk to these people because they were prepared by the Lord. This experience was super awesome and stengthened my testimony of the importance of the spirit and our message. The Lord is always preparing people to receive this truth we have! Well a super long letter, but a good read i hope haha. Well we are just working out here in Bolivia bringing souls to christ, what better thing could i be doing haha, Love and miss you all!
a picture of a youth in our ward that got his call to peru

September 11, 2017

Hows it going fam! Well I already said I was going to be a dad, but now theres a face. Hes called Elder Beazer and hes from the factory, good ol Utah, Syracuse. So first he doesnt know a lot of spanish because hes been in bolivia for about a week, but hes already improved a ton in a week so thats pretty dope. Hes working hard so pretty stoked for these transfers with him. Umm... The miracles of this week were just the people we were able to find. We contacted a ton and found some really good investigators that are searching for the truth so pretty stoked for those news ones. Training is different than everything ive done in the mission haha. I literally set the example for him and help mold him into the missionary hes going to be, so a pretty bog responsability. but ive honestly already learned a ton in a week. Well fam its good down here in Santa Cruz, love and miss you all!

September 4, 2017

Hola familia. Honestly this week I dont have a ton to say. It was a pretty tough week. Almost all of our appointments that we had fell threw, almost all of the investigators that we had arent progressing, and the people we had contacted in the street werent in their house when we went to visit, haha so it was a little tough. But there are weeks like this in the mission so not sweating it too much. There are miracles waiting the next week haha. So they called us with the changes and Elder Owen is ending his mission so he leaves Wednesday and Im going to be a dad! So yeah Im gonna train a new missionary a little nervous but stoked to be a trainer. Its a pretty big responsability but im excited, Ill know who he is Wednesday after a training. Thats honestly about it fam. If you want to pray for the people in my area to be more receptive that would be sweet haha. Miss and love you fam and friends!

August 28, 2017

Hello family. Well another week in the mission field that just flew by. This is companions last week in the mission so next Monday Ill have a new companion! Dont got too much to write this week. We had stake conference yesterday and our stake president said something that I liked alot. He talked about the prayer that alot of people do in church and say something along the lines of ´please bless the people that couldnt make it to church today´ He said that we should avoid saying that and that we should ask instead for the desires to go and visit the people that couldnt make it to conference. I really liked that because it was a call to action in that we all have to work to help bring others to the fold or back to the fold! Its a work that Im dedicating all of the time to right now. To bring others to christ. Well lifes going good here. Trying to master Spanish and expand my knowledge right now and some soccer  in 30 minutes woot. Miss and love you all! Photos: Our district, our zone, and service with machetes

August 21, 2017

Fam and friends a pretty good week! Highlight of course, the baptism of Carla and Loius, We´ve been working with them for about 5 weeks so that was awesome to see the enter in the waters of baptism. Well yeah other than that, we have some investigators that we are working with to be baptized in 2 or 3 weeks, so pretty stoked for them too! Its a super cool opportunity to literally be able to see the work progressing every day. The Lord directs this work, we are just his hands and instruments. Well everything is going well down here. My companion is going to die in 2 weeks, so im helping him not be trunky haha. Well love and miss you, shoot me an email if you love me!!

August 14, 2017

Hola family and friends. Well I didnt have much time to email last week and nothing too exciting happened this week, so this will be a short letter. Yesterday we got rejected so hard by this lady that only wanted to talk about Joseph Smith and his 40 wives and started yelling and basically said the Book of Mormon was trash so that interesting, we only have about 1 of those every week. But yeah we had a conference yesterday in that Elder Cook and a few of the 70s spoke to all of the stakes in Bolivia and Peru. It was really powerful. Elder Jaun Uceda of the 70 talked about erroneous  traditions and how we pass on to our children, friends, members, and investigators the traditions that we do. So we have to make sure that we are being an example for others and let them see that live the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. Its an amazing opportunity to be able to listen to servants of the lord and how we can improve our lives to be in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Well thats about it fam, ive been slacking on pictures so ill try to take some this week, Love you all!