June 26, 2017

Well I´ve been out in the field for 6 months... The time is literally flying by, but man the mission is awesome. Also shoutout to my brother jacob for getting married, sucks i missed that, but its all good. My area is the biggest in the mission, one side of my area doesnt even have a limit because its just straight jungle and wild animals haha. But man there are a to of people in the area that want to hear about the gospel. We found 27 new investigators this week and so we are working with them to be prepared for baptism! They created a new stake here yesterday so 2 members of the 70 came and we got to listen to them which was awesome. I feel could such a power in their words. Elder Hugo Montoya and Elder Fabio Moscoso were the 70´s. So that was definitely the highlight this week, to hear the testimonios of special witnesses of Jesus Christ is always a great opportunity. 
we watched Moana the last Pday on this, so that was lit

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