March 27, 2017

hola familia y amigos! well honestly not much to report on this week. We had some pretty good lessons and some really good investigators that are progressing right now! Life out here in Bolivia is good! The weather has actually been fairly nice too! We gave a bunch of service this week and so that always just feels so good to give. The people dont have much, but whenever we have a visit or give service always they offer us some type of food, they really are so humble and loving here. Well the work is progressing I can see it! Grateful to be out here, preaching the good word, farrrrr away from home haha, love and miss you all!

March 20, 2017

Well wow i finish my first transfer Wednesday so thats crazy... ive learned so much these past 6 weeks in bolivia its been a wild. The best thing i think ive learned is the power of the Book of Mormon. We had a ton of lessons this week on the restoration and the BoM and wow they were powerful. Whenever we talk about joseph smith and restoring the gospel to the earth the spirit is always super strong. My testimony has increased so much of the reality of this church and the knowledge we have, its so true!! So this week was pretty good overall. last week when i was sick i weighed myself and i lost 12 pounds in 2 days so that was wild lol. but its chill. we have some really good investigators right now that only need to get married and then they want to be baptized! before the end of this next transfer we should have some baptisms! Its so cool to see the change in people when they read the BoM and come to church its awesome! Well the food here is actually really good. its chicken and rice every meal but they cook it good here. The spanish is coming along haha. I can understand the people a little better everyday so thats good! I gave a talk yesterday in church so that was pretty cool. Besides that everything is going good! The mission is like a rollercoaster haha but im glad to be doing the Lords work1 Love and miss you all!

Pictures: the video is like in the middle of downtown, we dont really ever go here except for lunch, but when it rains all the roads lead here and the canal fills up, usually its empty but it rained a ton that day so it had a ton of water, a picture of me downtown but my area is not this nice haha i promise, the other is a house of one of our investigators he built this house and it looks sick its the nicest house is like 10 miles haha once again this house is not what my area looks like, my area is ghetto as heck haha

our zone, my president and his wife and then elder hugo montoya and his wife from the seventy!

March 13, 2017

Well this was an interesting week for sure. We had some really good lessons with investigators this week! I had an exchange with the district leader on thursday so that was a really good learning experience! but then saturday night i got really sick and threw up a ton so that wasnt fun at all and sunday was not fun at all too. So yeah this weekend was pretty tough not gonne lie. Honestly not much happened this week besides that. We only had 2 investigators show up to church so that was a little disappointing, so we have to work extra hard next week! Love and miss you all so much!
My district leader

about $7

My wallet

March 6, 2017

Well hello familia y amigos! Its feel like forever since ive written but its only been like 9 days. Those 3 days during carnaval when we couldnt leave were really boring wow. We got a watch a church movie everyday but still we couldnt do anything haha I was glad to finally get out of the house and back to work on Wednesday. So yesterday at church we had 5 investigators attend which is awesome! One of the biggest challenges here is marriage cause its expensive and the people dont care too much about it sometimes. So we have 2 families right now where all they need to do is be married and then baptized! The mission truly is incredible haha my testimony strengthens everyday and so does my love for the people here! Well ive been out for over 2 months i cant believe it haha. Im starting to understand spanish more and more everyday but its still pretty tough. The people talk so fast. But ive only been in Bolivia for 4 weeks so i have to keep that in mind. Well I love and miss you all! Glad to be doing the Lords work everyday!