July 24, 2017

Wow well hello family. So we had transfers today They inform saturday in the night and then we leave monday in the morning. I was in my first area for 4 transfer which is about 6 months. So they called us and my new area is called South Garden. Its still in Santa Cruz and only like 30 minutes away from my other area and like 45 minutes away from the city center. I dont know what the area is like yet cause i havent seen anything but wow the house we live in is 2 stories and its freaking nice haha. It has a couch and a huge kitchen and a washing machine which is almost unbelieveable. I live in the nicest house in all of the mission right now haha. My new companion is Elder Owen. Hes from Arkansas and this is his last transfer in the mission so Im going to kill him. So it was bittersweet to leave the people i had taught and the ward but Im stoked for another experience. Well Ill send more pictures the next week. 

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