May 29, 2017

Well a pretty good week in Santa Cruz. Highlight, of course, we baptized the teenager Manfred who we´ve been working with for about 6 weeks! He was really prepared and also I got to baptized him too so that made it a lot more special. Well besides that its been raining a ton and it is realllly cold, the people here hate the cold and so when we knock doors no one wants to talk to us so i was a tough week to find new people. But right now we are working with another teenager to be baptized in 2 weeks so ill keep you all updated on that. Thats about it for now, the mission is pretty dang sweet! Also ive gained a few pounds, they feed us so much here lol

May 22, 2017

Well a pretty average week here in Bolivia. We have a baptism date this Saturday for a youth that has 16 years so pray for him please! haha besides that not much going on. We are working with another youth to get baptized in 2 weeks and another family in a month! Pretty awesome to see the hand of the Lord in this mission! So this week in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was crazy with the weather. it rained almost everyday and it poured. Every street was literally like a river and so much mud so we had to use these huge rain boots because it was literally 2 feet of mud and water everywhere. and it was freezing. So yeah that was a change of weather but yeah a good week! Well the weeks are flying by its crazy... but everything is going good down here!

May 15, 2017

Well first I got to call home for Mothers Day so that was pretty sweet to see the fam. Also we had a wedding and baptism this week so that was pretty awesome. We baptized family Escobar who we had been working with with over 3 months now. The dad of the family was inactive for a few years and his wife wasnt a member but they were married, she was baptized, and they are both active so yeah that was awesome to see the fruits of our labor. We have a baptism date for next week too with a teenager called manfred that weve been working so stoked for that too. Well thats about it, The missionary life is definitely hard sometimes but yeah its pretty awesome haha. Miss and love you all!
 my district leader

 the wedding decorations that me and my companion did all by ourselves haha

a picture of our fire extinguisher

 me and my companion; after they were married

 the baptism! Elder Matheson ( my old companion, performed the baptism)

May 8, 2017

Well I officially finished my training so thats pretty sweet. My new companion is called Elder Aguirre. Hes from Lima, Peru and a convert of only 3 years. He is super awesome wow and a really good teacher. He speaks a little tiny bit of english but not much, so I can only talk in spanish so thats pretty sweet. So this Friday we have a wedding in the church and then right after a baptism!!! And then after the party haha. So super stoked for sure. They are super awesome and so prepared too! Well this week I got bit by a dog so that was a first. but I havent started foaming at the mouth so I think we are good there. But yeah I dont have any photos this week, but the next one for sure. One thing I didnt do too much with my first companion was invite to baptism the first lesson. But with Elder Aguirre like the very first person we talked to we had a lesson for 20 minutes and he invited him to be baptized in a month and he said yes. Hes 16 years old, but it was just so awesome to see how he was prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel right now in his life! Well my appreciation grows every day for the mission and for this opportunity to be a missionary! Love and miss you all!

May 1, 2017

Hola familia y amigos. Well I officially finished my training haha so thats pretty sweet. We have transfers tomorrow so I´ll see if im staying in this area or leaving. Most likely Im staying cause my companion has been here for 6 months but you never know. We only killed one mouse in our kitchen this week so that was good, he did eat my cereal so i gave him an extra whack for that. We´ve been planning a wedding for a family that wants to get baptized but first they have to get married. I didnt realize how stressful it is to plan one of these dumb things haha. But the family and so ready to get baptized. We´ve been working with another teenager to get baptized in 3 weeks so thats pretty sweet too.  We have a ton of other investigators but I dont want to write about all of them haha. Its been pretty crazy this week. Its been cold! At night i have to use 2 blankets haha. So thats been different. But man the mission is awesome. This is such a cool opportunity to preach this gospel cause its so true and can bless everyone! Love and miss you all. Also write me por favor!!