April 26, 2017

Wow well its been 4 months since i left home pretty wild... But wow we have a really good week! We have a baptism date for the 6, 13, and 27th of May, so wow next month should be super awesome if everything works out! The work is progressing i can literally see it. Its so cool to see how people are just put in our path and are ready to receive the gospel! Miss and love you all! Pictures: We helped a member get his car out of mud and got pretty dirty, my scripture case of cow that only costed about 20 dollars super sweet

April 17, 2017

Well this was an awesome familia wow. We had 4 investigators at church which is awesome. And we have a baptism date for 13th of May! The family has to get married first which takes about 2 or 3 weeks but they have all the lessons and are just waiting to be baptized its crazy to see how the gospel can lead people to change their lives! Well yesterday was crazy too we got 9 new investigators just on Sunday it was pretty awesome. Well thats about it fam, the mission is pretty awesome!

we went to the sand dunes like 30 minutes away literally in the middle of the jungle it was sick an there was claw marks on all of the signs there haha, the video is of my zone leader lol

April 10, 2017

Well family and friends its been a long week of missionary work. Our last week we didnt find many new investigators and so this week we really tried alot harder to talk to everyone and find new investigators and wow it worked, we found some really good investigators that im stoked to teach, Well thats about it for this week. Whoever reads this send me an email! I promise ill respond haha. Well i miss a lot of things from home, but i have a duty, responsibility and opportunity to serve the Lord with all my might for 2 years so that comes first! Super grateful this gospel and knowledge we have of eternal families and our Heavenly Father! Love and miss you all! One funny thing this week one of our investigators was wearing an ASU Womans Basketball shirt, i was dying haha
i didnt have any pictures so i took a picture of our classic dinners here,
this cost about 30 cents its crazy cheap and super good

April 3, 2017

Wow cant believe its already been another week down in the fields of Bolivia, times been flying! Conference was super awesome this weekend. We got to watch it in this little room in english with all the gringo missionaries so that was cool. Im going to share a few of my favorite things i heard this weekend."heavens help can solve any problem" man that has so much power for me. When are in a hole or a lowpoint in our life, always through jesus christ and his gospel we can be lifted out and find the anwser we are looking for! One other thing is "come as you are, dont plan to stay as you are" Elder Holland said that, it was awesome. Man it relates so much to the mission, ive changed and grown so much in just this short time, grateful for this mission! Well i dont have much else to report on this week. We are trying really hard to set baptism dates for our investigators, we have so many good ones! Well love and miss you all! Watch conference if you didnt get the chance!
 this is all the elders in our zone we played soccer last pday