February 25, 2017

Hola familia! So we actually get time to write today because we cant write Monday cause its caranval. We get to watch one church movie Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so thats lit. But we literally cant leave our apartments for 3 days it sucks. but we get to take naps so it cant be that bad haha. Well this was a pretty slow week we had a few really good lessons but thats about it. Our mission president said we need to focus on finding jovenes ( 18-28 year olds ish) and families. So we really focused on jovenes this week and we found 2-3 that are ready to hear the gospel! One was actually baptized in Cochabamba a year ago and is inactive and we have a lesson next week with him! Well its been so crazy to see how following all of the mission rules and doing the things we need to do that we are lead to where we need to be and we will meet the people we need to meet! Im grateful for my mission and for how much it has already stengthened my testimony! This church is true and I know that I´m doing the Lords work by inviting others to come unto Christ! Love and miss you all!
This picture describes my spanish

 My companion, elder matheson, downtown at a dope castle

Some dope clowns we met

a big pig with locks, looked cool so i took a pic

February 20, 2017

Hola familia y amigos! Well honestly not too much happened this week! I was sick for a few days so i felt terrible and walking miles everyday didnt help that. But we have a few families we are working with to help them get baptized, but they need to get married first and come to church so those are the 2 things we work on alot! also keeping their commitments like reading and praying. But the work is progressing for sure! Its been raining all week here so the streets are still flooded and muddy everywhere its crazy. Next week on
Monday,and tuesday they have this thing down here called carnival where they just straight get drunk and have paintball wars through the whole town its sound lit but we cant even go out during those 3 days so I dont ill get to write either. Well i want to here whats going on in who ever is reading this so send me emails, ill respond to them!! Love and miss you all! Here is a picture of my big toe i hurt during soccer haha

February 13, 2017

Wow well hello familia! I feel like I havent talked or seen any of you in forever but its been like 7 weeks! So I got to bolivia last Tuesday and wow its been crazy since then! I thought Peru was humid but Bolivia is crazy humid, but man its awesome! My mission presidente is from Spain and him and his wife and super awesome i really like them. So let me tell you about Bolivia. The center of Santa Cruz is honestly super awesome. It looks really old and antigue and the streets and cobblestone but its pretty nice and theres always a ton of people walking around. So my area is like 20 minutes outside of Santa Cruz and its in the straight ghetto haha. Peoples houses are so worn down and some literally just looke like stacked bricks or like they were made in 2 hours. But the people are awesome. They are super receptive and everyone is catholic and believes in God so they always want to hear from us its super awesome. I still cant reallly understand what they say most of the time, but im learning more and more everyday! So there are dogs everywhere hahad and they are big too. They just run around killing each other and eating trash, i havent been attacked yet tho so thats chill. So it rained Thursday all night and all morning Friday so the streets were all flooded and alot of the streets are just dirt so we were walking in like a foot and a half of mud and water sometimes, but its not too bad. I sweat 24/7 so Im kind of used to that but it still kind of sucks. Also theres a ton of chickens and geese that just run around too. Theres always cows and horses in the streets too its crazy. They tie the front 2 legs of the horses here so they cant run so the horses just hop its kind of cruel. Also everyone here breastfeeds in public so that is definitely a culture change haha. But the people of Bolivia are so humble and so ready to hear the gospel! I learn more everyday and I can see the improvment ive made with the Lords help. Well Familia y amigos, Im glad to finally be in my country and serving the Lord! This is where im supposed to be, and I know I will be blessed as i follow all the mission rules and remain worthy to have the Holy Spirit with me! Love you all!​​

The pictures here and the other ones are just of our house, beds, kitchen, and bathroom, that worm thing was like 2 feet long and i just saw it when i was walking one day.

February 1, 2017

Wow I know Ive said this every week but Icant believe im almost done with the CCM haha 5 more days! Next time I email ill be in the depths of Bolivia!! Freaking stoked but definitely got some nerves cause of another crazy transition! Well this was a pretty good week for the most part! We went proselyting this week so that was definitely the highlight. We only went like 20 minutes away from the CCM but we were right in the middle of Lima haha it was crazy. We were in a fairly nice area tho so it was like what ghetto phoenix looks like haha. I honestly couldnt understand too much of what the people said tho they talk so fast... We basically just talked to people on the street and knocked doors for 4 hours. It was freaking hot but a good experience! I gave away my first book of mormon too so that was sweet. I thought I learned a ton of spanish in the CCM but after that not so much haha but its only been 5 weeks so not sweating in too bad! It definitely gave me renewed drive to learn the language better and be as obedient as i can! We watched a devotional by Elder Holland this week that was really good. My favorite thing he said and that I learned was that because the Savior works through us who are imperfect people we mess up. Basically he said we limit Gods ability to spread His Gospel when we are disobedient and not being worthy for the Holy Ghost. Well family and friends I love you all I cant wait to get to work in Bolivia next week!!
The field is where we play soccer everyday for physical activity

little houses where we teach our investigators everyday!