August 21, 2017

Fam and friends a pretty good week! Highlight of course, the baptism of Carla and Loius, We´ve been working with them for about 5 weeks so that was awesome to see the enter in the waters of baptism. Well yeah other than that, we have some investigators that we are working with to be baptized in 2 or 3 weeks, so pretty stoked for them too! Its a super cool opportunity to literally be able to see the work progressing every day. The Lord directs this work, we are just his hands and instruments. Well everything is going well down here. My companion is going to die in 2 weeks, so im helping him not be trunky haha. Well love and miss you, shoot me an email if you love me!!

August 14, 2017

Hola family and friends. Well I didnt have much time to email last week and nothing too exciting happened this week, so this will be a short letter. Yesterday we got rejected so hard by this lady that only wanted to talk about Joseph Smith and his 40 wives and started yelling and basically said the Book of Mormon was trash so that interesting, we only have about 1 of those every week. But yeah we had a conference yesterday in that Elder Cook and a few of the 70s spoke to all of the stakes in Bolivia and Peru. It was really powerful. Elder Jaun Uceda of the 70 talked about erroneous  traditions and how we pass on to our children, friends, members, and investigators the traditions that we do. So we have to make sure that we are being an example for others and let them see that live the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. Its an amazing opportunity to be able to listen to servants of the lord and how we can improve our lives to be in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Well thats about it fam, ive been slacking on pictures so ill try to take some this week, Love you all!

July 31, 2017

Hola familia y amigos. This week was pretty good, but I dont have much to say honestly haha. Im just getting to know the area, the investigators, and the members right now. We put 3 new people on baptism dates this week so we are working with them right now. Umm... really dont have much else to say lol. My companion and I are are doing good. He only has 5 weeks left in his mission so im hoping he leaves me a bunch of cool stuff haha. Shout out to Brendon for becoming his new mission secretary. Yeah thats about it fam. Just out here preaching and teaching the doctrine of salvation every day, what could be better?? As i said last week im living in a house that is bigger than my house in Gilbert, so heres some pictures. Theres a coconut tree in the back too

July 24, 2017

Wow well hello family. So we had transfers today They inform saturday in the night and then we leave monday in the morning. I was in my first area for 4 transfer which is about 6 months. So they called us and my new area is called South Garden. Its still in Santa Cruz and only like 30 minutes away from my other area and like 45 minutes away from the city center. I dont know what the area is like yet cause i havent seen anything but wow the house we live in is 2 stories and its freaking nice haha. It has a couch and a huge kitchen and a washing machine which is almost unbelieveable. I live in the nicest house in all of the mission right now haha. My new companion is Elder Owen. Hes from Arkansas and this is his last transfer in the mission so Im going to kill him. So it was bittersweet to leave the people i had taught and the ward but Im stoked for another experience. Well Ill send more pictures the next week. 

July 17, 2017

Another good week down here in the dirty streets of Bolivia. First we had a baptism of an investigator named emma! All of her family are members but alot are menus acvtive. About a month or 2 ago they started to return to the church and we learned that their youngest daughter hadnt been baptized! So we have been working for about 4 or 5 weeks with her and we baptized her saturday! I ended up doing the baptism so that was a pretty cool experience! Besides that today is freaking freezing and windy. Eveyrythings going good down here! 
 The baptism with the ward and her family

a random place in our area where people dont live because there are pumas

July 10, 2017

Well as of this week i feel like im understanding everything is spanish and i can say almost everything i want, so the gift of tongues is real haha. For the 4th of July i said the pledge of allegiance and sang to myself so that was pretty awesome. On Thursday this week i lost my voice and literally coudlnt speak so i literally just sat in the lessons all day and listened to my companion teach, I felt pretty worthless that day so ive gained a testimony of our ability to speak haha. So then Friday we walking to an aoppointment and this guy pulled up to us in his car and said he is investigating a lot of churches right now so we gave him a pamphlet and so we are just waiting for his call now, cause i know he is going to find the truth he is searching for! We had luch with a member Sunday
 and he talked to us for about 30 minutes when he used to fight roosters for a living so that was pretty crazy haha. Well thats about it fam. We are working really hard with our investigators with baptism dates right now, lots of prayers haha. Well love and miss you all!
 I found this Dr Pepper for a dollar so that was one of the miracles of week haha

July 3, 2017

Hola familia y amigos, wow first shout out to USA for her birthday, they dont seem to celebrate that down here so thats a bummer, but we had really good week down here in Bolivia, This week we put a ton of baptism dates for people so that was pretty awesome, we have 8 baptism dates this month, so we are praying a ton for them right now haha. The weather is perfect here right now so thats a blessing, a little cold in the morning but perfect in the afternoon. We always have a ton of miracles in the week. One miracle was Friday we had a lesson at 5 pm and it was about 4 pm and we were close to our house and i had to go to the bathroom really bad so i went to the bathroom and then we got on the bus to go to our lesson and this lady starting talking to us telling us how she was a meno active member and wants to return to the church and her husband isnt a member and they both want to come to church and so we got their information and everything so its just pretty cool to see how God puts things in our path, me going to the bathroom was part of Gods plan so we could find this lady haha. Thats about it this week, if you are reading this you should shoot me an email 

June 26, 2017

Well I´ve been out in the field for 6 months... The time is literally flying by, but man the mission is awesome. Also shoutout to my brother jacob for getting married, sucks i missed that, but its all good. My area is the biggest in the mission, one side of my area doesnt even have a limit because its just straight jungle and wild animals haha. But man there are a to of people in the area that want to hear about the gospel. We found 27 new investigators this week and so we are working with them to be prepared for baptism! They created a new stake here yesterday so 2 members of the 70 came and we got to listen to them which was awesome. I feel could such a power in their words. Elder Hugo Montoya and Elder Fabio Moscoso were the 70´s. So that was definitely the highlight this week, to hear the testimonios of special witnesses of Jesus Christ is always a great opportunity. 
we watched Moana the last Pday on this, so that was lit

redbull gum for 10 cents

June 19, 2017

Well honestly family I dont have much to say. We found 24 new investigators this week so we are working on putting baptism dates for them. This week was suppper hot, sweatin bullets all day, but today is freezing, the weather is pretty crazy here haha. I was reading in the ensign this week of the talks from general conference and one theme i sensed was that we have to be preparing our selves right now, today to be ready for the 2nd coming, we dont have time to wait. We have to prepare ourselves right now through the scriptures, prayer, the church, and trying to develop more christlike attributes. I think everyone has quoted what President Monson said about reading the Book of Mormon everyday, but it is so true. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It has the power to guide our lives in harmony with what our heavenly father wants for us. I have the seen the change the Book of Mormon does for us in my mission, in myself and also in the people we teach. Reading the Book of Mormon is something we have to do everyday, there are not excepetions. Well thats about it fam and friends. Love and miss you all!

June 12, 2017

Well friends and family another good week out here in the dirt roads of Bolivia. First shout out to my brother Cole, he finishes his mission this week and hes been a great example to me. So we had changes this week but im staying in my area for one more change! So that will be about 6 months in my first area, but im not complaining because that is the Lords will and the people her are so awesome and ready for the gospel. So right now we are just working with a bunch of teenagers and about 2 families. We taught the Restoration so much this week and when ever we get to the Book of Mormon and talk about when Christ came to the Americas, that always gets their attention and then the spirit is super strong and testifies to them and wow The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so real. The weather this week was pretty chill. Hot in the afternoon and then freezing cold in the night.

June 5, 2017

Hola familia y amigos! Well this week was pretty good! We had a baptism planned for this coming Saturday but we pushed it back 2 weeks cause we felt like he wasnt prepared but he is progressing really well right now so im pretty confident we will have a baptism in 2 weeks! So after our conference with our mission president we were just stoked to get back into the field, and this week we found 25 new investigators! Which we had a lesson with them and we set another appointment so thats pretty awesome, and wow some of them are really prepared. But besides that the work is going really good here, we are preparing a lot of people to be baptized soon! Thats about it for this week, but its pretty cool right now, i can basically say whatever i want in a different language haha, still got a lot more learn about the language tho. Love and miss you all, the church is true! 
 My zone leader that finished his mission

May 29, 2017

Well a pretty good week in Santa Cruz. Highlight, of course, we baptized the teenager Manfred who we´ve been working with for about 6 weeks! He was really prepared and also I got to baptized him too so that made it a lot more special. Well besides that its been raining a ton and it is realllly cold, the people here hate the cold and so when we knock doors no one wants to talk to us so i was a tough week to find new people. But right now we are working with another teenager to be baptized in 2 weeks so ill keep you all updated on that. Thats about it for now, the mission is pretty dang sweet! Also ive gained a few pounds, they feed us so much here lol

May 22, 2017

Well a pretty average week here in Bolivia. We have a baptism date this Saturday for a youth that has 16 years so pray for him please! haha besides that not much going on. We are working with another youth to get baptized in 2 weeks and another family in a month! Pretty awesome to see the hand of the Lord in this mission! So this week in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was crazy with the weather. it rained almost everyday and it poured. Every street was literally like a river and so much mud so we had to use these huge rain boots because it was literally 2 feet of mud and water everywhere. and it was freezing. So yeah that was a change of weather but yeah a good week! Well the weeks are flying by its crazy... but everything is going good down here!

May 15, 2017

Well first I got to call home for Mothers Day so that was pretty sweet to see the fam. Also we had a wedding and baptism this week so that was pretty awesome. We baptized family Escobar who we had been working with with over 3 months now. The dad of the family was inactive for a few years and his wife wasnt a member but they were married, she was baptized, and they are both active so yeah that was awesome to see the fruits of our labor. We have a baptism date for next week too with a teenager called manfred that weve been working so stoked for that too. Well thats about it, The missionary life is definitely hard sometimes but yeah its pretty awesome haha. Miss and love you all!
 my district leader

 the wedding decorations that me and my companion did all by ourselves haha

a picture of our fire extinguisher

 me and my companion; after they were married

 the baptism! Elder Matheson ( my old companion, performed the baptism)

May 8, 2017

Well I officially finished my training so thats pretty sweet. My new companion is called Elder Aguirre. Hes from Lima, Peru and a convert of only 3 years. He is super awesome wow and a really good teacher. He speaks a little tiny bit of english but not much, so I can only talk in spanish so thats pretty sweet. So this Friday we have a wedding in the church and then right after a baptism!!! And then after the party haha. So super stoked for sure. They are super awesome and so prepared too! Well this week I got bit by a dog so that was a first. but I havent started foaming at the mouth so I think we are good there. But yeah I dont have any photos this week, but the next one for sure. One thing I didnt do too much with my first companion was invite to baptism the first lesson. But with Elder Aguirre like the very first person we talked to we had a lesson for 20 minutes and he invited him to be baptized in a month and he said yes. Hes 16 years old, but it was just so awesome to see how he was prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel right now in his life! Well my appreciation grows every day for the mission and for this opportunity to be a missionary! Love and miss you all!

May 1, 2017

Hola familia y amigos. Well I officially finished my training haha so thats pretty sweet. We have transfers tomorrow so I´ll see if im staying in this area or leaving. Most likely Im staying cause my companion has been here for 6 months but you never know. We only killed one mouse in our kitchen this week so that was good, he did eat my cereal so i gave him an extra whack for that. We´ve been planning a wedding for a family that wants to get baptized but first they have to get married. I didnt realize how stressful it is to plan one of these dumb things haha. But the family and so ready to get baptized. We´ve been working with another teenager to get baptized in 3 weeks so thats pretty sweet too.  We have a ton of other investigators but I dont want to write about all of them haha. Its been pretty crazy this week. Its been cold! At night i have to use 2 blankets haha. So thats been different. But man the mission is awesome. This is such a cool opportunity to preach this gospel cause its so true and can bless everyone! Love and miss you all. Also write me por favor!!

April 26, 2017

Wow well its been 4 months since i left home pretty wild... But wow we have a really good week! We have a baptism date for the 6, 13, and 27th of May, so wow next month should be super awesome if everything works out! The work is progressing i can literally see it. Its so cool to see how people are just put in our path and are ready to receive the gospel! Miss and love you all! Pictures: We helped a member get his car out of mud and got pretty dirty, my scripture case of cow that only costed about 20 dollars super sweet

April 17, 2017

Well this was an awesome familia wow. We had 4 investigators at church which is awesome. And we have a baptism date for 13th of May! The family has to get married first which takes about 2 or 3 weeks but they have all the lessons and are just waiting to be baptized its crazy to see how the gospel can lead people to change their lives! Well yesterday was crazy too we got 9 new investigators just on Sunday it was pretty awesome. Well thats about it fam, the mission is pretty awesome!

we went to the sand dunes like 30 minutes away literally in the middle of the jungle it was sick an there was claw marks on all of the signs there haha, the video is of my zone leader lol

April 10, 2017

Well family and friends its been a long week of missionary work. Our last week we didnt find many new investigators and so this week we really tried alot harder to talk to everyone and find new investigators and wow it worked, we found some really good investigators that im stoked to teach, Well thats about it for this week. Whoever reads this send me an email! I promise ill respond haha. Well i miss a lot of things from home, but i have a duty, responsibility and opportunity to serve the Lord with all my might for 2 years so that comes first! Super grateful this gospel and knowledge we have of eternal families and our Heavenly Father! Love and miss you all! One funny thing this week one of our investigators was wearing an ASU Womans Basketball shirt, i was dying haha
i didnt have any pictures so i took a picture of our classic dinners here,
this cost about 30 cents its crazy cheap and super good

April 3, 2017

Wow cant believe its already been another week down in the fields of Bolivia, times been flying! Conference was super awesome this weekend. We got to watch it in this little room in english with all the gringo missionaries so that was cool. Im going to share a few of my favorite things i heard this weekend."heavens help can solve any problem" man that has so much power for me. When are in a hole or a lowpoint in our life, always through jesus christ and his gospel we can be lifted out and find the anwser we are looking for! One other thing is "come as you are, dont plan to stay as you are" Elder Holland said that, it was awesome. Man it relates so much to the mission, ive changed and grown so much in just this short time, grateful for this mission! Well i dont have much else to report on this week. We are trying really hard to set baptism dates for our investigators, we have so many good ones! Well love and miss you all! Watch conference if you didnt get the chance!
 this is all the elders in our zone we played soccer last pday

March 27, 2017

hola familia y amigos! well honestly not much to report on this week. We had some pretty good lessons and some really good investigators that are progressing right now! Life out here in Bolivia is good! The weather has actually been fairly nice too! We gave a bunch of service this week and so that always just feels so good to give. The people dont have much, but whenever we have a visit or give service always they offer us some type of food, they really are so humble and loving here. Well the work is progressing I can see it! Grateful to be out here, preaching the good word, farrrrr away from home haha, love and miss you all!

March 20, 2017

Well wow i finish my first transfer Wednesday so thats crazy... ive learned so much these past 6 weeks in bolivia its been a wild. The best thing i think ive learned is the power of the Book of Mormon. We had a ton of lessons this week on the restoration and the BoM and wow they were powerful. Whenever we talk about joseph smith and restoring the gospel to the earth the spirit is always super strong. My testimony has increased so much of the reality of this church and the knowledge we have, its so true!! So this week was pretty good overall. last week when i was sick i weighed myself and i lost 12 pounds in 2 days so that was wild lol. but its chill. we have some really good investigators right now that only need to get married and then they want to be baptized! before the end of this next transfer we should have some baptisms! Its so cool to see the change in people when they read the BoM and come to church its awesome! Well the food here is actually really good. its chicken and rice every meal but they cook it good here. The spanish is coming along haha. I can understand the people a little better everyday so thats good! I gave a talk yesterday in church so that was pretty cool. Besides that everything is going good! The mission is like a rollercoaster haha but im glad to be doing the Lords work1 Love and miss you all!

Pictures: the video is like in the middle of downtown, we dont really ever go here except for lunch, but when it rains all the roads lead here and the canal fills up, usually its empty but it rained a ton that day so it had a ton of water, a picture of me downtown but my area is not this nice haha i promise, the other is a house of one of our investigators he built this house and it looks sick its the nicest house is like 10 miles haha once again this house is not what my area looks like, my area is ghetto as heck haha

our zone, my president and his wife and then elder hugo montoya and his wife from the seventy!

March 13, 2017

Well this was an interesting week for sure. We had some really good lessons with investigators this week! I had an exchange with the district leader on thursday so that was a really good learning experience! but then saturday night i got really sick and threw up a ton so that wasnt fun at all and sunday was not fun at all too. So yeah this weekend was pretty tough not gonne lie. Honestly not much happened this week besides that. We only had 2 investigators show up to church so that was a little disappointing, so we have to work extra hard next week! Love and miss you all so much!
My district leader

about $7

My wallet

March 6, 2017

Well hello familia y amigos! Its feel like forever since ive written but its only been like 9 days. Those 3 days during carnaval when we couldnt leave were really boring wow. We got a watch a church movie everyday but still we couldnt do anything haha I was glad to finally get out of the house and back to work on Wednesday. So yesterday at church we had 5 investigators attend which is awesome! One of the biggest challenges here is marriage cause its expensive and the people dont care too much about it sometimes. So we have 2 families right now where all they need to do is be married and then baptized! The mission truly is incredible haha my testimony strengthens everyday and so does my love for the people here! Well ive been out for over 2 months i cant believe it haha. Im starting to understand spanish more and more everyday but its still pretty tough. The people talk so fast. But ive only been in Bolivia for 4 weeks so i have to keep that in mind. Well I love and miss you all! Glad to be doing the Lords work everyday!

February 25, 2017

Hola familia! So we actually get time to write today because we cant write Monday cause its caranval. We get to watch one church movie Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so thats lit. But we literally cant leave our apartments for 3 days it sucks. but we get to take naps so it cant be that bad haha. Well this was a pretty slow week we had a few really good lessons but thats about it. Our mission president said we need to focus on finding jovenes ( 18-28 year olds ish) and families. So we really focused on jovenes this week and we found 2-3 that are ready to hear the gospel! One was actually baptized in Cochabamba a year ago and is inactive and we have a lesson next week with him! Well its been so crazy to see how following all of the mission rules and doing the things we need to do that we are lead to where we need to be and we will meet the people we need to meet! Im grateful for my mission and for how much it has already stengthened my testimony! This church is true and I know that I´m doing the Lords work by inviting others to come unto Christ! Love and miss you all!
This picture describes my spanish

 My companion, elder matheson, downtown at a dope castle

Some dope clowns we met

a big pig with locks, looked cool so i took a pic

February 20, 2017

Hola familia y amigos! Well honestly not too much happened this week! I was sick for a few days so i felt terrible and walking miles everyday didnt help that. But we have a few families we are working with to help them get baptized, but they need to get married first and come to church so those are the 2 things we work on alot! also keeping their commitments like reading and praying. But the work is progressing for sure! Its been raining all week here so the streets are still flooded and muddy everywhere its crazy. Next week on
Monday,and tuesday they have this thing down here called carnival where they just straight get drunk and have paintball wars through the whole town its sound lit but we cant even go out during those 3 days so I dont ill get to write either. Well i want to here whats going on in who ever is reading this so send me emails, ill respond to them!! Love and miss you all! Here is a picture of my big toe i hurt during soccer haha

February 13, 2017

Wow well hello familia! I feel like I havent talked or seen any of you in forever but its been like 7 weeks! So I got to bolivia last Tuesday and wow its been crazy since then! I thought Peru was humid but Bolivia is crazy humid, but man its awesome! My mission presidente is from Spain and him and his wife and super awesome i really like them. So let me tell you about Bolivia. The center of Santa Cruz is honestly super awesome. It looks really old and antigue and the streets and cobblestone but its pretty nice and theres always a ton of people walking around. So my area is like 20 minutes outside of Santa Cruz and its in the straight ghetto haha. Peoples houses are so worn down and some literally just looke like stacked bricks or like they were made in 2 hours. But the people are awesome. They are super receptive and everyone is catholic and believes in God so they always want to hear from us its super awesome. I still cant reallly understand what they say most of the time, but im learning more and more everyday! So there are dogs everywhere hahad and they are big too. They just run around killing each other and eating trash, i havent been attacked yet tho so thats chill. So it rained Thursday all night and all morning Friday so the streets were all flooded and alot of the streets are just dirt so we were walking in like a foot and a half of mud and water sometimes, but its not too bad. I sweat 24/7 so Im kind of used to that but it still kind of sucks. Also theres a ton of chickens and geese that just run around too. Theres always cows and horses in the streets too its crazy. They tie the front 2 legs of the horses here so they cant run so the horses just hop its kind of cruel. Also everyone here breastfeeds in public so that is definitely a culture change haha. But the people of Bolivia are so humble and so ready to hear the gospel! I learn more everyday and I can see the improvment ive made with the Lords help. Well Familia y amigos, Im glad to finally be in my country and serving the Lord! This is where im supposed to be, and I know I will be blessed as i follow all the mission rules and remain worthy to have the Holy Spirit with me! Love you all!​​

The pictures here and the other ones are just of our house, beds, kitchen, and bathroom, that worm thing was like 2 feet long and i just saw it when i was walking one day.