June 19, 2017

Well honestly family I dont have much to say. We found 24 new investigators this week so we are working on putting baptism dates for them. This week was suppper hot, sweatin bullets all day, but today is freezing, the weather is pretty crazy here haha. I was reading in the ensign this week of the talks from general conference and one theme i sensed was that we have to be preparing our selves right now, today to be ready for the 2nd coming, we dont have time to wait. We have to prepare ourselves right now through the scriptures, prayer, the church, and trying to develop more christlike attributes. I think everyone has quoted what President Monson said about reading the Book of Mormon everyday, but it is so true. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It has the power to guide our lives in harmony with what our heavenly father wants for us. I have the seen the change the Book of Mormon does for us in my mission, in myself and also in the people we teach. Reading the Book of Mormon is something we have to do everyday, there are not excepetions. Well thats about it fam and friends. Love and miss you all!

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